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ISYS Enterprise Search Software

The ISYS suite of enterprise search software is designed to provide powerful yet affordable search, navigation and discovery across a broad range of formats, languages and environments. ISYS:web delivers out-of-the-box enterprise search that enables high-end search functionality across intranets, website, portals and custom web applications. ISYS:desktop  offers enterprise-class desktop search capabilities that can be used on a single PC to search email and local documents, or managed centrally to unlock search across thousands of PCs and enterprise-wide LANs and WANs. ISYS:sdk enables OEMs, system integrators and others to embed search technology into their custom applications. ISYS also has products for email-only search, CD distribution and other applications.

Whether it's ISYS:web on your corporate intranet or ISYS:desktop across a local-area network, ISYS products ship with a core set of off-the-shelf features designed to guide users through the search process quickly and easily. These features include:

    * Multiple Query Methods. ISYS takes into account that not everyone is a search expert, and therefore offers three query methods. Command Line Query enables advanced users to construct Boolean, proximity and fielded searches; Menu-Assisted Query offers intermediate users the same functionality in a more user-friendly environment; Fielded Query enables users to search structured information, such as metadata and database fields; Browse Taxonomy offers users the ability to search via navigation; Web Style Query enables users to search their data in the same way they would search the Internet; and Natural Language Query provides users the means to phrase their searches in the form of a question.

    * On-The-Fly Categorization. Quickly sift and sort through your results by using ISYS' On-The-Fly Categorization feature. ISYS automatically builds the categories according to file path, while administrators can use metadata to customize this structure to address specific categorization requirements.

    * ISYS Entities. ISYS highlights the "Who, What and Where" of your search by automatically extracting and displaying entities such as people, organizations, email addresses and more. Simply click on one of these entities to refine your search and discover more.

    * Hit Highlighting and Hit-To-Hit Navigation. Search tools, no matter how advanced, are useless without the ability to take users directly to the relevant portions of the document. ISYS employs Hit Highlighting and Hit-To-Hit Navigation to enable users to quickly locate and jump between search results.

    * Quick View. For large files, ISYS offers its Quick View feature, which provides users with a context extract of the relevant portions of a document, rather than having to first load and browse the entire file.

    * 150 File Formats, 30 Languages. ISYS offers broad file format and language support to provide users with a truly comprehensive search solution. Supported file formats include Microsoft Office documents, WordPerfect, emails, attachments, PDFs, XML, databases and more. ISYS’ language support includes Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese and Korean, and Unicode for multi-language indexes.

    * Highly Scalable and Extensible. The ISYS suite scales to 64 million documents per index. An unlimited number of indexes can be created and chained together to enable users to search across billions of documents with a single query. ISYS also provides scripting tools to make its products more extensible. Use these tools to connect ISYS to uncommon formats and systems, or to inject metadata for greater structure of content.

Find out more at the ISYS web site.