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Content Management - Intranets

An Intranet capitalizes on the convenience of Internet-based technologies, but is usually contained within a company’s internal networks.

Your employees can browse and search vast amounts of valuable business information from their desktop. Company specific documentation, forms, procedures and information can easily be integrated into a company Intranet, giving your employees a one-stop portal to up-to-date information.

Take the first step towards realizing the huge benefits of an Intranet in your organization and contact us today.

What exactly do you need?

One of the main problems with deploying a successful Intranet is finding out exactly what your company needs. Different groups or departments within a single company often have very different ideas about what an Intranet should do for them.

Our experience means that we can listen to these disparate voices, and distill out the elements that add true value to your business. These elements will then be incorporated into a comprehensive Intranet design that delivers the maximum benefit to your organization.

Take control

Once your Intranet system is deployed individuals from different departments can be assigned to take direct control of content for their particular section. All of our Intranet systems are built using OpenCms, the leading open source content management system.

Your content administrators can add, modify, delete and publish different types of content quickly and easily without the need for any technical knowledge or training.  We help our clients determine which solution is best suited for their needs and assist them with content categorization, system customization, template development, deployment and ongoing support and maintenance.

OpenCms is a highly-configurable and extensible web-based content management and publishing system. It is database driven and offers both the dynamic database driven content generation and static content export capabilities.

OpenCms is written in Java, which is also used for extending OpenCms and for the development of OpenCms driven web sites. Among other features, OpenCms offers an extensive caching mechanism, user and group management, project management, work flow, WYSIWYG editor and powerful templating system.